Damariscotta Farmers’ Market  2013


    Come join in one of our community’s most vibrant weekly events! Our Farmer’s Market’s offer not only a spectacular array of seasonal produce and artisan crafted foods, but also serves as welcoming environment to spend time with friends and neighbors as you take in the bounty of our fields, forests and fisheries.

    Supporting your local food producers helps maintain working farmland in your neighborhood and keeps our hard earned money circulating in our towns and area businesses.

    One hundred thousand tractor trailer trucks leave California every day shipping produce to the East Coast. The average distance our grower’s travel is less than 20 miles! That’s a lot less pollution and a lot more fresh and healthy food for you and your family!

    We look forward to seeing you at the market. And remember....

Fresh local foods from your community at the Damariscotta Farmer’s Markets.

Mondays on Main Street, 3-6 pm

Rising Tide Community Market 323 Main St

June 3rd to September 30th

Fridays at the DRA preserve, 9 am to noon

Damariscotta River Association 109-110 Belvedere Rd

May 17th to October 25th

Rain or Shine, we all have to eat!

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